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Unique Jelly Roll Quilt Blocks

16 Nov

Strip Quilt Blocks

This video is amazing.  It shows a whole new way of making fun, fast quilt blocks using  Jelly Rolls or your own strips.  I can’t wait to try it.

May Every Stitch Be A Happy Stitch!

Make 4 Flying Geese Units at one time

21 Oct

This method is by far my most favorite way to make the Flying Geese Unit.  Some quilters like using the Quilt In A Day method, but for those do not have the rulers, this is perfect.

Happy Quilting

Fabric Calculator

21 Oct

Yesterday I purchased a fabric calculator.  I can’t believe I have not done this sooner.  It saves an enormous amount time and frustration trying to figure out yardage for quilts, blocks, sashing, binding.  Wow what a great thing to have.  It is very user friendly, came with great instructions both written and DVD.

I recommend this for any quilter, especially for those of you that have trouble with math.  I had a 50% off coupon for JoAnn’s, lucked out that they were not already on sale, I got a good price.

Happy Quilting!



My Goof

16 Oct

This weekend I had time to catch my breath.  My husband was watching football, which I have no interest in, so I decided to cut out a quilt.  I turned on my favorite radio station, poured me a glass of wine, and withdrew to my sewing room.

The pattern was a winter theme, the fabric I was using had baby woodland animals, cabins, snowmen, etc.

I pulled out the pattern, read it over, got out my fabric, made a few mental notes on what I wanted to do and needed to do to achieve my goal with this pattern, then I went to work cutting out my quilt. The pieces that could not be easily rotary cut, I painstakingly traced  the pattern pieces onto template plastic, and then cut them out.   My quilt consisted of one block,  and I needed 16 blocks. The block consisted of 6 pieces, and there was a lot of fussy cutting that had to be done and two  parts of the block had curved set in pieces.  There was quite a bit of cutting to do.

By the time my husbands football game was over, I had finished cutting out my quilt.  It was time to start dinner, so I put my quilt aside and decided I wouldn’t start sewing until the next day.

Yesterday, I finally had time to start sewing on my quilt.  I got all of the curved pieces sewn to the top of each piece, as the pattern showed.  Now I was ready to start assembling the block. I organized all of my pieces and started sewing the pieces to make my block. I started putting my block together.  That is when I discovered my big blunder.  I cut half of the blocks wrong.  Because of the print, I neglected to make sure my pieces were going the right way when I sewed everything together.  If I put the block together the way I cut it, my animals, trees and cabins would be upside down in every other block.

I was so perturbed with myself for not catching that error before I cut everything out.  It just goes to show you, even seasoned quilters can make big blunders.

All is not lost yet on this quilt.  I will  have to formulate plan B and figure out another way to use the fabric.

New quilters don’t be disheartened when you goof up something, it happens to all of us.  The key is to not let it derail you.  Find a plan B and go from there.

Happy Quilting

Helpfull Tip

16 Sep

Something I learned when working with the plastic templates.  They are a lot easier to deal with if you spray a little basting spray on them.  They will stay put while you are cutting around them.  When they get to sticky, use a little goo-gone and wipe them off and rinse under warm water.  They will be good as new


Christmas is coming, get ready to quilt.

3 Sep

This pattern is an original design by myself.  It consists of one block.  It is quick and easy to make.  You are in control as to how big you want it.  Don’t let the curves intimidate you.   The pattern gives detailed instructions on doing the curves.   They are really really easy.  This pattern is geared for the Confident Beginner to the more seasoned quilter.

This particular pattern is for a table topper, keep adding blocks and you can have a throw, twin, queen or king size  quilt

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