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Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

7 Nov

I just got my sewing machine back from being serviced.  It got me to wondering how many new quilters realize how important it is to do this.

The rule of thumb I have always gone by  is to clean and change the needle with every new project.  I have read where some quilters will stop and clean their machine every fourth bobbin.  I think it depends on your machine.

It is a pain to have to take the throat off of my machine and clean it, but it is well worth the time to do it.  It is amazing how much lint accumulates in the bobbin area.  I keep a can of air by my sewing machine and blow it out when I change bobbins.   When I start  a new project, I take the throat plate off, brush out the lint, insert a new needle, and clean the outside of my machine.  Unfortunately, my machine has to be oiled by the professionals.  If you have a machine you can oil yourself, you need to do this a couple of times a year if you are putting a lot of mileage on it.   If you have the users manual for your machine it will give you detailed information on how to maintain your machine.

Take good care of your machine and you will have many years to enjoy sewing your projects.

May Every Stitch Be A Happy Stitch!



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