Helpful Tools That Don’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

25 Oct

I have spent the last two days cutting out a quilt.  This quilt has a lot of curves.  I wanted to rotary cut it, but found ou t,  I was trimming my pattern every time I made the corner.  That is not a good thing to have  happen.  I dug out my mat that rotates, but it was so stiff, I couldn’t get as nice of a cut as I needed.  I started going through all of my tools that I have accumulated, nothing that I had bought for quilting was working.  Then I remembered a block my husband made me for tracing  the Dear Jane quilt pieces. One side has sandpaper, the other side has a cutting mat. Instead of trying to cut the pieces with the template in place, I placed my strips of fabric on the sandpaper block, traced around my template, ( after I made a new one), it cut my time in half.  Then I dug out my old lazy susan.  By placing my block on it, with the mat side up, I was able to cut out my pieces quickly and accurately.

The other item I was having trouble with was the quilters tracing pencil.  After much frustration with it, I threw it in the garbage and grabbed my white colored pencil.  It worked perfect.

It just goes to show you, sometimes tools of the trade are not as good as improvising.

Happy Quilting!

This is on the sandpaper side of my block

Flipped over to the cutting side.

Sitting on the Lazy Susan Turn Table. It turns freely, making cutting smooth.

3 Responses to “Helpful Tools That Don’t Cost an Arm and a Leg”

  1. Little Wooden Shoe October 25, 2012 at 3:51 am #

    Never thought about using white color pencils….that is a great tip. thanks

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